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Would you like to use a tool that supports you to get clear, explore and take action?

Would you like help to discover the best ways to move forward?

Are you interested in finding new ways to Access Deeper Intelligence and creativity?


Doing a Fembot Oracle Work session will support you to do this.

In doing the work you ask the question

"What is the best way to move forward in my exploration of.......?"

You can ask about anything at all - something you find challenging or something you are deeply excited about - something very specific, such as a particular work project or perhaps around a theme - money, dating, food, sex, health......

A full Fembot Oracle Work is done one-on-one with me, Stephen, facilitating. I work with you over the course of a 1-2 hour session - either in person or over internet video (Zoom).

Working intuitively with the 78 Fembot images and 78 texts - I support you to shape your own answer to your question.

The heart of this work is supporting you to check in with yourself at a depth of intelligence you can profoundly trust. Whilst this is a process of divination it is one that points you back to the divine intelligence WITHIN you. This is not fortune telling or Tarot - where more often the answer exists somewhere outside of you.

This is a practice of deepening your connection to your own heart and its deep intelligence and from there taking action in the world. During their sessions, clients have often reported that not only did they create a particularly resonant plan of action but something also took place there and then, that left them feeling more open and clearer.

One of the aspects I love about this process is that it can be supported afterwards with the images themselves. Clients have used the Fembot images that they've been working with as wallpapers on their phones or digital watches - others have bought them as art prints for their homes or offices.

The Fembot Oracle helps you to get clear with how to move forward in your explorations and then supports you to keep on going.

A Fembot Oracle Work session can be either 60, 90 or 120 Mins long and costs £180 per hour/£90 per hour (concession)


"As a practitioner who has worked with clients for 8 years in the field of energy medicine and the subconscious mind I can whole heartedly say that The Fembot Oracle is like nothing else I've come across. It is totally unique and utterly brilliant. It is a game changer in the world of self development and spiritual growth.
The insights I had in my personal Fembot Oracle Work with Stephen were so powerfully on point that it opened something so deep within me,  resulting in profound transformation. I can not recommend this work enough."

Gary Albert Hughes Dip RAM LRAM Cert ASK TACT C. Hyp, RTT CPD
- Holistic Vocal Coach, Kinesiologist, Hypnotherapist


"The impact of my Fembot Oracle work is still unfolding within me months after my incredible session with Stephen. I am deeply grateful for the answers I received which came at a perfect time in my life. I sense that these images are doorways to our collective transformation and a precious gift to humanity. Thank you Stephen."

-Neil Seligman
 Founder of The Conscious Professional & Author of 100 Mindfulness Meditations


"In working with Stephen and The Fembot Oracle I was supported with a line of personal enquiry which on my own I had been unable to look at with any clarity. The confusion surrounding my issue caused me to block myself from moving forward in that area of my life, allowing fears and insecurities to take hold in my mind.
The unique approach delivered by Stephen with The Fembot Oracle Work was both supporting and inspiring. It was presented to me through the open narrative of the dynamic visuals. I felt the process to be very grounding and applied in the generating of the advice. The process allowed and supported me to connect to the feelings within my subconsious, helping me realise how I had been blocking myself and some of the limiting concepts that framed some aspects of my mind. Stephen provided an open space for me to look beyond the limitations and his assertive council and guidance brought me to realise new aspirational levels of my own being. I felt inspired, inviggorated and energised to look into my potential future with a refined awareness, excitement and confidence. It was a thoroughly rewarding and enlightening process."

Morris Monroe


"The Fembot Oracle Work is life changing. It brings clarity, direction, love and light to anything you may be struggling with in life on any level. 
 All Children should have this as a tool in their formative years so our world can grow and change beyond our wildest dreams. 
My work with Stephen has had a major impact on how I engage, relate and grow in my work environment. I’m more resourceful, I am driven from
heart and I am bolder and brighter than I have ever been in my career."

Matthew Hawes
- Manager of Josh Wood Colour - Holland Park


“I was blown away with the Fembot Oracle in so many ways - not only are the images in themselves so powerful and breathtaking but the ones that hold the wisdom we need in a given moment or situation, really do call us. Working with Stephen and The Fembot Oracle gave me profound guidance and wisdom that couldn’t have been more on point for my situation. It helped enormously in affirming my next step”

Hannah A. 
- Marketing Director


"The beauty of these powerful images is only the beginning.. as I connected deeper with the work I found the beginning of an unfolding process which lead me down a path of exploration of myself, with a much more artistic and poetic take on personal transformation. The writing is sublime and it allowed me to reflect on my question at deeper levels and with much more grace and divine beauty. This is truly a powerful body of work that helped me unlock the poetry of my own existence. Loved every bit of the experience and was left with a solid and lasting sense of knowing how to explore the topic which had arisen for me. Highly recommend it."

Marc Peridis
- Sacred Space Facilitator